Sunday, March 6, 2011

{we are adopting!}

our journey has started as we are are ADOPTING FROM ETHIOPIA! Our paper work has been mailed in and we are waiting for approval from the adoption agency. our hearts are so full and we are excited for the journey ahead! Please follow along with us in this exciting journey by bookmarking this blog! We have already been asked many times "why" we are adopting and a fellow photographer, shannon summed up our hearts very well on her blog....

“Some say adoption is just trendy right now. Celebrities are doing it. I say- perfect. This is a trend I’m delighted to be a part of. Let’s bring orphans home. Lets deplete the foster care system. If it takes a trend, wonderful. But I pray it goes beyond that.

Last I saw there were still about 147 million orphans worldwide. That number is weighty. But there’s hope, and God is really moving the hearts of his people to care for those dear little ones. And I really do believe that’s more than a trend. I (one who calls God ‘Father’) must consider what it would have been like if He had not adopted me into His family.”

Some of my dearest friends are choosing adoption over comfort… they are choosing adoption over having more biological children… they are choosing adoption over a bigger home or family vacations… they are choosing to rescue the lost which will produce more joy than all the material things in the world. We are all called to have a role in caring for orphans. What is your role?