Sunday, May 8, 2011

{mother's day....}

it was a wonderful mother's day here at the porch house filled with lots of snuggles....dusty and i took the evening to fill out more adoption paperwork in hopes of having our baby boy in our arms by next mother's day. it's a longggg shot, but we can always stay positive, right? we are sooooo excited to be scheduled for our FIRST HOME STUDY next week and have completed round two of paperwork with the exception of dusty's passport that should be arriving soon :) things continue to move along and our hearts continue to grow just at the thought of our little man.

melted my heart to receive this from the hubs for mother's day. and, one for auburn too....and, a few family members :) it will remind me every second that my heart can be in two places at once. here and across the ocean....