Sunday, October 9, 2011

a guarded heart....

each day we are getting closer to our baby boy. we can feel it. we have our home study update tomorrow and we have submitted al the paper work to soon receive a match / photo of our little one. I have not updated the blog in soooo long.....honestly, i have been guarding my heart. each day my amazing family, friends, and clients ask for updates and while it is so appreciated and makes my heart so happy to know they love our little man already - it is hard when there is nothing to update them on. lots of paperwork, fingerprinting, more paperwork, more dreaming of his little face. dusty and i have been pretty proud of our teamwork on the paperwork process. notarizing this and that, submitting and re-submitting paperwork....feeling so close to seeing his sweet little face. dreaming more and more about the day we will bring him home. preparing our hearts and home for the day he completes it. we have been overjoyed with the tee-shirt sale - and cannot believe how many we have now ordered. showing up to capture a family and seeing them wearing an adoption shirt. i just can't believe the love. it is so amazing.

we should have more news in the coming weeks....until then thanks to everyone for your love and support. sweet baby boy hang tight, we are coming for you. we love you more than words can express and dream of you each and everyday. your big sister will be starting "sibling" class soon and is soooo ready to meet you. and, unlike the pregnancy i experienced with her, you are growing in me as well. i feel you inside my heart, filling my heart and expanding my knowledge of love. you are my little love and i cannot wait to hold you, love you, protect you and encourage you all your days.